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’s servers are going down for a few hours today as developer Bungie performs maintenance and releases a new patch. ET, at which point nobody could sign in if they hadn’t already been playing .

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Downloading Share/Packages/Adobe Flash Player_11.9.900.170.. Only some do this, and not necessarily all the time, I may get failures and then later the policy works.

Searching path: /Applications Locating package receipts... I've seen this issue with kiosk computers that are connected with ethernet to our network and set to never sleep.

With every policy that installs a package, we always have a handful of machines that will successfully install the package but fail to run a Recon post-install. Here is a sample log: Executing Policy Adobe Flash 11.9.900.170... This package is a PKG or an MPKG, and the file is not found. Retrieving inventory preferences from https://org:8443/... I've had other bigger problems with the upgrade to 9.3 that I haven't spent much time trying to figure out what is causing this one.

Attempting to open the package as a flat package... Successfully installed Adobe Flash Player_11.9.900.170 I have a number of test machines, some of which are exhibiting these symptoms, and they are awake and connected via Ethernet.

There is something wrong with 6.8r1, and support hasn't had any further insite into the issue as of yet.

I've got over 3800 AP230s, and haven't seen any issues upgrading them to 6.8r1. I will say that I have seen this behavior in the AP121s with a firmware upgrade (but I can't remember which version). using version 9.3 I'm seeing the same thing here. Error running recon: Connection failure: "The host org is not accessible." If it was a network issue I would assume that the package would fail to install as well. I'm not sure, but it's still happening often. What do you get when you try to check the connection to the jss on that machine? I also started seeing quite a lot of errors with clients failing to connect to http distribution points and failing over to afp, which works ok. Error message is: Error running recon: Connection failure: "The request timed out." I also tested a manual recon by ssh-ing in and running "sudo jamf recon -verbose" on a workstation that failed to run a recon after a policy. Finally, I am getting this a lot now: Just to chime in. I'm wondering if the network connection is dropping during recon or maybe the user is unplugging their network cable. sudo jamf check JSSConnectionsudo jamf recon I keep seeing this quite a lot since going to 9.21 and also in 9.22.. Are people experiencing this issue anymore with the updated version of the JSS namely 9.3 and 9.31? For example, run a software update package and then update inventory is check. It has become so prevalent that I have un-checked that option in the policy and I use an 'after' script to run recon.All that was needed to remedy the situation was a power cycle of the AP.

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