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So what distinguishes an instance of street harassment from an invitation to “street intimacy”? So, not everyone is well-served by initiating spontaneous conversation.

Chattiness also doesn’t gel with the culture of every place.

If said yes, I’d obviously be lying, because who sobs uncontrollably when they’re okay?

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I look around the carriage and see everyone who had noticed it is now avoiding eye contact, glued to their phones and newspapers. “No one ever talks to to me, but sometimes people will come up and talk to the dog,” he says.

Arriving at Angel station I sit down next to Pierre, with his black French Bulldog Ross scuttling up and down the platform, pulling at its lead. Just as we start ascending the tallest escalator on the network, I turn around to ambush Vincent. “Not really.” Why don’t people want talk on the tube?

Head to any other public space in this vibrant city, you can chat with strangers, with your friends or family, yell something inaudibly across the street. ’ badges seem to have been handed out across the network, in the style Transport for London’s popular ‘Baby on Board’ badges. You’ll benefit from a daily chat,’ the attached leaflet announced. Those Youtube videos where a carriage gets together and sings on their way home for Christmas are always doing the rounds, why can’t we all be so chatty every day?

I wanted to find out, and I needed a badge to take with me.

“That notion of feeling acknowledged as a person is one of the core pieces to me,” Kio Stark, the author of Still, there are certainly pitfalls to this push for friendliness.

For one, the line between interaction and intrusion is a thin one. In her book, she cautions readers not to cajole disinterested strangers; that would qualify as street harassment.

“Everyone in London is too busy, they’re working too hard and they never have time for anybody – especially at home time.” Is it any different in Lyon, France, where Vincent’s from?

“No, they’re just as silent there…” So, how can we get people to talk on public transport? “You would have to kick people in the leg to get them to talk to you.” I don’t think that will catch on, Vincent.

Along with these, Dunne passed out fliers that spelled out exactly what the buttons were for: inviting conversations between riders. Resentful silence is the proper way #tube_chat Knty3AK — Boris Starling (@vodkaboris) September 29, 2016 What went wrong?

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