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Around the age of 10, Cooper found out that his adoptive parents had a son named Andy, who died a couple of years before they adopted him.

This made him extremely mad at his parents, as he believed they only adopted him to fill the void.

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One day while at work, a woman named Erica Warner approached Cooper.

Cooper realized that they had a one night stand years ago in his car.

Charlotte later became pregnant with female triplets.

Charlotte prematurely delivered the first triplet, later named Georgia.

Cooper later helped him, as he and his father lived out of a car.

He also didn't call the police to report the missing child.

Cooper Freedman is a pediatrician at Seaside Health and Wellness.

He is married to Charlotte King, with whom he has three daughters, Georgia, Caroline and Rachel King-Freedman and a son, Mason Warner.

Cooper did his best to support his wife, who didn't even want kids in the first place, which is why he was over the moon when she became pregnant with triplets.

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