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The other 31 arrests in Cairo, Giza and Damietta have all been made in the last nine days, for “promoting sexual deviancy” and “debauchery”: the charges usually brought against perceived gay individuals. The person believed to have raised the flag in a rare show of gay rights solidarity in the conservative country is a woman – the first to be arrested on such charges in years.

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No one should be punished for expressing solidarity with LGBT individuals or based on their perceived sexual orientation,” she continued.

“The authorities must urgently halt this ruthless crackdown and release all those arrested immediately and unconditionally.” Beirut-based Mashrou’ Leila is a wildly popular band, in part because of their stance on social issues such as LGBT and women’s rights.

The Greek prophetes (from pro-phanai , to speak for, or in the name of someone) translates the Hebrew accurately.

The Greek prophet was the revealer of the future, and the interpreter of divine things, especially of the obscure oracles of the pythoness.

(2) The Hebrew Names -- The ordinary Hebrew for prophet is nabî' . According to many recent critics, the root nabî , not employed in Hebrew, signified to speak enthusiastically, "to utter cries, and make more or less wild gestures", like the pagan mantics. The historic meaning of nabî' established by biblical usage is "interpreter and mouthpiece of God ".

Judging from a comparative examination of the cognate words in Hebrew and the other Semitic tongues, it is at least equally probable that the original meaning was merely: to speak, to utter words (cf. This is forcibly illustrated by the passage, where Moses, excusing himself from speaking to Pharao on account of his embarrassment of speech, was answered by Yahweh : "Behold I have appointed thee the God of Pharao : and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.

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Both have almost the same meaning; hozéh is employed, however, much more frequently in poetical language and almost always in connexion with a supernatural vision, whereas râ'ah , of which ro'éh is the participle, is the usual word for to see in any manner.

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