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Especially in this day and age, many others find romantic partners through online dating.

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Or, would networking online have its own drawbacks and limitations? Apparently, Jesse Fox and associates had the same questions (Fox, Warber, & Makstaller, 2013).

The researchers asked focus groups of college students about their use of Facebook at various stages of relationship development.

Even when they are not a love connection, they might be friends with someone who could be an exciting date.

So, be curious about new people, learn how to handle rejection, and grow your social circle online.

Participants' responses were analyzed and categorized for common themes.

Overall, those researchers noted four main benefits of using Facebook to initiate and develop a romantic relationship..Sending a simple friend request can be a good test of their initial interest and may be a comfortable way to break the ice.Also, connecting on a social networking site is a good way to bridge the gap between the more impersonal aspects of online dating and personal contact face-to-face in your social circle.Online dating solves those problems, but often requires interacting with strangers rather than acquaintances. Mulling it over got me thinking..about social networking sites like Facebook?Would they combine the benefits of the other approaches for finding love?Also, by liking their posts, sharing comments, and sending private messages over time on Facebook, you can also build rapport, highlight your attractive personality features, and give yourself a better shot to ask for a date.

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