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Yet it remains discussed only with extreme reluctance.

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Birmingham Children’s Hospital alone has seen the number of Pakistani children treated for genetic disorders increase by as much as 43 per cent since 2011.

Officials admit it is impossible to calculate the cost of treating these problems, but there is no doubting the extraordinary scale of the expense, which even in 2004 was estimated at £2billion a year.

Her elder sister Tahira has serious learning difficulties, and another brother, Kasim, born just two years after Sarfraz’s death, had problems so severe that he required 24-hour care and did not live to see his 18th birthday. Yet the real tragedy is not only that their experience is far from rare, but that it could have been avoided.

Aisha’s Pakistani-born parents, Mohammed and Barkat, are first cousins.

Yes, these conditions can happen to white British people, too, but Pakistanis are more likely to be affected because of generations of inbreeding.

Testing means these problems would be less likely to happen.’Two per cent of the population in the UK is Pakistani or British Pakistani, according to the 2011 Census – just under one million people.Typically, the effects include neurological problems, heart or kidney failure, lung and liver failings, blindness, deafness and learning problems.Perhaps it is an indication of a reluctance to address the issue that there are no collected statistics on the number of disorders linked to consanguineous marriage.Estimates suggest half the marriages are ‘consanguineous’ – between blood relatives – a largely cultural tradition aimed at keeping wealth and property within families.Such marriages are also common in Arab countries and North Africa.Free shipping20: G-scan for all Asian cars, seller in Pakistan.

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