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Rachel Levine today encouraged patients and their caregivers to provide comments on the proposed regulations for their participation in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program.“Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program is about the patients suffering from one or more of the 17 serious medical conditions outlined in the law and the caregivers who provide them with extensive care as they suffer from their conditions,” Dr. “The proposed regulations comment period provides an opportunity to participate in developing the program to meet your needs as a patient.Your input as to how these regulations will affect you is invaluable and will assist the department in implementing this program as effectively as possible.”“Every day, we hear from patients who are desperately waiting for this program to be fully implemented,” Dr. “We have made significant progress in getting this program off the ground since Governor Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act into law last year.

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"And when doctors don't participate, patients access is hindered.

A better option would have been to require registration of doctors who are submitting a significant number of recommendations per month." The proposed regulations governing doctors include: •Doctors working at marijuana dispensaries must notify the physician that certified a patient to receive medical marijuana if a patient has an adverse reaction.

The state of Pennsylvania’s laws view sex between a person who is under the age of 16 but at least 13 and somebody close to their age differently than when the other party is much older.

The legal age of consent is 16 years of age for statutory sexual assault, and 18 years for corruption of minors.

There are a wide range of laws and charges that can be applied to different circumstances, with factors ranging from the age difference between the two parties involved and whether the two people are married to one another.

If a teen who is 13, 14 or 15 has sex with a person who is less than four years older than they are, then an accusation of statutory rape will not be made.

It requires doctors that want to certify patients to receive medical marijuana to undergo a training course and put their names on a registry.

That's included in the regulations, along with a prohibition against doctors advertising their ability to prescribe medical cannabis.

"Our focus remains to implement a patient-focused medical marijuana program that gives help to those who need it, and these temporary regulations mark an important step forward in achieving that goal." State law permits the use of medical marijuana to treat 17 serious health conditions.

It can be dispensed in the form of pills, oils, topical creams or as a liquid that can vaporized and inhaled, but not in a leaf form that can be smoked.

offers ethical guidance for the medical profession and centers on the physician-patient relationship.

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