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If she’s only chatting with you online, not browsing and not using the full Facebook app, she should easily have enough data to talk to you until the promo period ends.It’s even possible to video or voice chat using Skype or FB Messenger.A much, much faster way that your Filipina friend can chat with you is by using Skype, Facebook Messenger, or any of the dozens of other chat apps.

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There are a handful other services that allow you to text to the Philippines for free, but none of these allow you to reply. I only ever used them when I ran out of Chikka credits.

The SMS chat methods listed above will work with any cell phone, even the cheapest.

Fortunately, there are many ways in which your favorite Filipina can chat with you.

If your lady has a laptop, she’ll obviously need Internet access to chat with your from the Philippines.

This takes up a lot of data, but it’s worth it to see your beloved, or to make sure the Filipina you just met is really a girl.

Most smartphones have a camera, and Skype seems to work with most, though it’s hit and miss with FB.You’ll have to take a look at Globe’s and Smart’s websites to see the current promos, but you can usually get unlimited texting which often includes a small amount of free data, and sometimes free access to a chat app, usually Facebook. The amount of data is limited, but it’s enough for chat using an app.If you’re paying for her to chat with you, just be sure she’s turned off or blocked every other app that accesses the Internet, or her data will quickly evaporate with all the weather, news, and app updates suck it up.On the upside, the service gets better the longer you use it. This will cost them 2.5p, much higher than a standard text.And the longer you use it, the more daily texts you get.Most phones can be tethered to a laptop to share the internet connection.

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