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Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. While this match-up may seem a little lopsided in terms of size, one shouldn’t discount Predator’s resourcefulness.This was an enormous collaborative effort, and while this instructable will focus primarily on the creation of the backpack and cannon it wouldn't be right to not tell the whole story and give credit to all of the extremely talented individuals involved in the creation of this costume of this wonderful film creature.

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Who will take home the title of greatest movie monster of all time, the radioactive lizard from Japan or the otherworldly hunter of Xenomorphs? Predator stood tall against some fierce opponents, and was able to finally kill that pesky Killer Rabbit. Meanwhile, Godzilla beat out Cthulhu for the Heavyweight title.

Predator – Defeating the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog was no easy feat.

Kingfisher birds nest in a deep tunnel in the riverbank, which inevitable will start to smell with the fish remains and bird droppings.

This bird has to flap its wings powerfully when in the water in order to swim back to the surface.

The book starts by giving you a definition of what a predator is and immediately jumped into the list of predators presented in this book.

You will have information about the great white shark, the constrictor, the tiger, the polar bear, the cheetah, the kingfisher, the dragonfly, the peregrine falcon, the African wild dog, the army ant, the piranha, the lion, the rattlesnake, the jellyfish, the scorpion, the mantis, the ornate horned frog, the crocodile, the chameleon, the komodo dragon, the humpback whale, the Venus flytrap, the angler fish, and the spider.You could decide to wear the 3-D glasses under your regular prescription glasses or you could opt to simply hold the 3-D glasses whenever you need them while reading this book.I must say that I am impressed with the publisher who has specifically indicated in the table of contents as well as on the 3-D pages where you will need the 3-D glasses to see the image pop-out of the page.I have learned quite a bit about the kingfisher as I read the information included about it.For example, did you know that nesting kingfishers must catch as many as 2500 fish to raise a family of up to eight hungry chicks?Nevertheless, this book is a great resources to learn more about predators and see their tactics to catch their prey.

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