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What isn’t represented in these figures are the drawbacks and outdated approaches many of the biggest and most popular [cityname] services still cling to.Classic [cityname] matchmaking services encourage you to put your trust in them to find the right matches for you, their use of blind matchmaking benefits them over you.

It also doesn’t take an economics degree to see that a bigger market — social media and online dating sites — is more efficient than a limited, controlled one, so a bigger dating pool yields better quality matches.

Finally, these agencies try to assure you that their high prices and opaque contracts are their way of saying that they are trustworthy and guarantee satisfaction.

Research on [cityname] matchmaking agencies have also found that, traditionally, the ratio of available single women are biased against men — there are far more men than women signing up for memberships.

Online dating, however, has tipped the scales: the anonymity of the internet, the ease of deleting and recreating profiles, and security features like blocking have allowed women to take on the role of the pursuer as much as men.

From the elderly Yentas in Eastern European shtetls, to The Bachelor, matchmaking has a long history in almost every cultural group in the world.

After all, isn’t it easier to find your perfect match when you can leave it in the hands of those with the most discerning eye, the most sophisticated personality evaluations, and ultimately the best neighbourhood gossip?And what had begun as user-directed window shopping has evolved into mobile algorithm-based matching.Debutante days are behind us, and Tinderella has taken the spotlight.When, in fact, there is very little scientific evidence that the similarity of individuals is correlated with long-term romantic compatibility, according to psychologists Eli Finkel and Susan Sprecher in Scientific American.In short, the work that these [cityname] agencies take off the hands of their clients, and punch into a computer, results in matches that are “negligibly better than matching people at random.” When the client’s own judgement is taken out of the process and computers allowed to blindly match them, the human element is lost, leading to less than desirable dates, shorter and more courtships, and ultimately low customer satisfaction.But with the popularization of the internet, more singles are looking to faster, cheaper, and more convenient options — and they’re going it on their own.

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