Queer vegan dating

All guests pay close attention to their outfits and this is the night to see all the open-minded cool kids who call Berlin their home in action.

Berlin is renowned for being home to a number of world class sex clubs such as Kit Kat Club and Berghain, the latter not only boasting incredible electronic music line-ups, but also its infamous dark rooms.

Another interesting trait of the city is that a number of venues, shops, and club nights pride themselves on being extremely sex positive, meaning that any kind of discrimination based on sexual orientation and sexual habits is very much frowned upon.

Unlike many other shops, it manages to keep things very tasteful and classy and offers a variety of carefully selected products for affordable prices.

However, this doesn’t mean they compromise on quality and their main goal is to help their clients experience a sense of luxury when entering the shop.

The club’s motto hasn’t changed since its launch and remains “Do what you want but stay in communication!

” Its specificity is that it mixes an uncompromising musical curation policy which strongly leans toward techno music with the atmosphere of an actual sex club.Their pieces have been featured in many fashion magazines such as ” and its particularity is that it mostly offers vegan products.In other words, it tries to abstain from selling accessories or apparel made out of leather.In fact, many night clubs state these rules on their websites, mentioning in their code of conduct that anyone found guilty of not respecting other people’s choices and identity will be shown to the door in no time.Kit Kat Club was founded in the early 1990s and is inspired by the Sunrise Beach Parties that were happening in Goa during the late 1980s.Its door policy is reputed to be extremely unpredictable, but the club’s bouncers somehow always manage to only let non-judgmental, positive people in, which after all is nothing but a good thing.

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