Ranbir and ileana dating

When I have actors flirting with me, in my head, I am thinking, ‘If I flirt back, I could definitely land a film with this guy.

I do not consider myself attractive so when I have people come up to me... I am super excited about , I am playing a Punjabi girl, I hope the part is convincing. And I am not going to give in irrespective of who you are. Which is also one of the reasons of my breakdown in London... All I need to do is tell him that he is my strength and I want him to be there and I want to be holding his hand.

When asked about the kissing scene between her and Ranbir in the film, Ileana says, "It was not the kiss that I was nervous about...it’s the emotion behind the kiss, which was the key element in the scene that I was nervous about. Amidst all the chaos and tons of hard work, it was emotional and loads of fun.

Besides, she has acted in over a dozen films in the south with all the top actors, including Prabhas! I remember blurting out words and I do not know how sincere I came across. I remember one that said she is good at histrionics and I Googled it to see what it meant. During promotions when they wanted me to speak in Hindi, I had a panic attack and which is why, I fled the country. I mean I could get a PR agency, I could be like everyone else, I can network, I can socialise, but it is just not me. I don’t think that’s driven, I am driven in another way. But the minute you get like a team representing you, they push you saying you need to do this and that. I had acne at one point, I went to this person to deal with it and she said, ‘Look you have laugh lines, I saw you in Barfi and it looks very bad. ’ I am like, I do not know how I sleep, I am sleeping. She said, ‘Your jawline is very sharp, I will inject you here and there, it will become perfect. Let it be the way it is.’ I don’t mind losing out on films, but I do not want to touch my face. I see half these girls, they are so pretty, but why do you have to be this stupid person and get their lips plumped up. He is really a great co-star and super professional.

For someone who hasn’t learnt acting, she is surprisingly at ease, no matter who she is paired with on screen. I was surprised because we were taken to the theatre to see the reviews and response of the audience and I expected people to throw their chappals at me. Though the director he had a lot of conviction in me, even he lost it a few times. I said, ‘Please leave me alone for three weeks.’ Again, I didn’t expect people to like me. And when you are lost and new, you think they know what they are talking about. I would have unusual and funny conversations with Saif, he is lovely. One of the first things he said to me was, “Why are you so defensive and aggressive? I actually thought I needed to give him space as an actor but he is like, ‘Dude, talk to me’. So yes, I definitely think Varun, Saif and Ajay stand out for me.

This is one of the boldest interviews of Ileana D’Cruz.

The actress literally spoke her heart out in an interview with DNA and made some jaw-dropping statements.

(ALSO READ: Mubarakan song Hawa Hawa: Arjun Kapoor – Ileana D’Cruz’ song will make you drop everything and dance) In an interview with DNA, she was asked, if playing by the rules of Bollywood would have helped her in her career, to which she said, “I do not know. If I consider going to his house for drinks considering he has invited me, I could definitely get a film with him.’ But I just don’t want to do that.” She further argued, “Why do I have to do that?

If I am talented enough, why can’t I just get a film?

The production aspect I honestly don’t understand so much, I have Reshma (manager) for that, and honestly, they have saved me from a lot of problems in the past. There are some actors that I know I won’t do a film with no matter how good the film is. I cannot give you a blatant answer because I will get into trouble. I know I have been told not to believe stories, but I hear and have seen a lot of people get ahead if they do some things. I was just like I don’t need to tell them a story of how I met this person. He is a very normal person and has a very normal sort of background and not at all associated with this.

It matters who the director is and it matters who the actor is. I remember the first awards show we went to together. Why is it such a big deal when it is a woman dating?

She will be 31 this year, yet she has the newbie vibe, which is perhaps about to change. Here, she talks about why she won’t play by the rules, why she won’t act forever and the love of her life. I started with modelling, and I did a very shi**y job. The AD gave me this line and I asked him to say it once and when he did, I burst out laughing. I had ADs coming up to me and saying, ‘You shouldn’t be here, you are not going to make it’. I was like, ‘How could I pass off as a Bengali in the film,’ and Dada (Anurag Basu) even made me dub for the film.

Because of the few ads I did, I ended up getting movie offers. I was earning far more than anyone in my class and it seemed great. So obviously my confidence was pretty much shattered. Also, my weight had fluctuated so much because when I came to Hyderabad I was skinny and then halfway through the director is like, ‘You are too skinny, you have to put on weight’. Then I became a mini piglet in the middle of the film.

After Kangana, Ileana has spoken about how being friendly with actors or flirting with them can get you a film.

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