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But just like the manufacturer was lazy, the consumer is also lazy. Just because it was easy to get in does not mean that you should do it.

The machine was running Norton antivirus, but thats it. And you don't seem stupid, so that casts some doubts on the conclusion.

Let me give one tip to readers wanting to use computers other than their own for visiting whatever sites (especially sites they wouldn't tell in public): use portable Firefox.

She also complained that the computer was processing very slowly compaired to normal.causing the pop-ups always, once clicked on, downloads a trojan downloader that allows the original malware to download & install as many other programs as it pleases.

Given that the originator gets paid xx$ for each successful download installed & sex sites pay well, I would be surprised if some of those didn't show up along w/ key loggers/screen captures and likely a more evolved rootkit.

So my question is - Is it possible for this to happen without going to a porn-type site? The porn icons appeared all over her windows desktop.

Because of this, my relationship ended with my gf but maybe this can help someone else that is put in this situation that is innocent. (upon looking, these would be called window shortcuts) I never saw them, but from what I was told they had obsene pictures on them and linked to pornographic sites.

I erased them again then rebooted the computer and they were gone. See, it makes sense to have a password protected userid.

About a week later, porn icons filled the computer screen. Then nobody can use that to put something in YOUR history.

The computer was fixed by the computer guy so it just boils down to my word vs. I think the relationship is done anyhow but I would like to find out the answer for my own piece of mind. I know the most likely way for something like this to happen is by actually browsing pornographic sites, but this computer guy says its the only way. I would think you might be able to get a virus like that via an email, music or video download (even the clean kind) or even going to a smaller, untrusted site (say, checking on underground bands or similiar) She does have an 18 year old daughter that had just moved back home and the only reason I even got on that computer that day was because that daughter alerted me to a problem on that system.was already acting funny before I touched it.

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