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The relationship never turned physical, Emerson said, but it was improper and gave rise to rumors that undermined Ratigan’s status and distracted from the learning process at the popular magnet school.

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On April 5, Ratigan, who also served as an assistant coach for Academic Magnet High School’s girls soccer team.

was placed on administrative leave with pay and escorted from campus.

The rumors caused particular unease among some parents because the school had previously weathered a 2013 incident in which a theater manager was accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student on campus.

The former staffer, Carl Barnwell, pleaded guilty to a sexual battery charge in March and received two years probation.

Emerson, however, said the district’s inquiry found that the 31-year-old honors algebra teacher repeatedly spent time alone with a student who had a crush on him and ignored warnings from his colleagues and superiors to keep the girl at arm’s length.

This mostly took place during the 2014-15 school year, he said.“He sought out opportunities to connect with her outside of school that — while not against the law — were inappropriate and would not be sanctioned,” Emerson said.District officials, however, ignored the March 2 deadline, allowing the date to pass with no response to the request.Under the law, failing to respond means “the request must be considered approved.”Emerson, however, said there was no paperwork to provide at that point.Missing from the information released Wednesday is any documentation of the allegations concerning Ratigan’s alleged relationship with the student or the district’s inquiry into the matter.The newspaper first approached district officials in early February in response to complaints from frustrated parents who felt they had been left in the dark about an in-house probe into Ratigan’s conduct.He also added that the allegations were “wispy” at that point, and that Cook and her assistant weren’t as prepared as staffers in the district’s personnel office to do a deep probe of the matter.“They didn’t drill down like the central office people drill down,” he said.

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