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We are lucky that we have our friends, and in most cases, we will see them again.These people are lucky to have a few family members that are alive, much less a group of friends to support them. Please keep Jeremy and me in your prayers, but most of all, keep the refugees of this terrible war in your prayers.This really upset me because I was so proud of Lee Anne after she had just given such a powerful and uplifting speech.

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In Lee Anne’s case, she was abandoned by her mother as a child and did not know her father, which has led to a mistrust of others and a tendency to act out at times in a negative way.

In my case, my father was absent from my life due to his addiction to alcohol.

I want to start by first congratulating my bestie, Lee Anne Locken, on her engagement to Rich!

Jeremy and I love you both so much, and we look forward to celebrating this exciting time in your life with multiple parties and lots of champagne!

Now, onto the rest of the drama that happened this week.

I am really over the talking behind one another’s backs in this group. Let’s start with Lee Anne and the motivational speaking event that she prepared so diligently for, only to immediately backslide.

This explains a lot about my fear and reluctance to visibly show my emotions.

I tend to keep everything bottled up inside and often live in a private pain that no one but me will ever understand or experience.

I just finished an uplifting speech, and I want to keep things on a positive note.” That is a good way to shut down the chit-chat without being abrasive and overtly obvious.

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