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Kate's philosophy on parenting which she has said before is that she wants kids to know not everyone wins.

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Now Kate and the twins have to go shopping to get team t-shirts? I think it's funny that they won't tell you this is Target, because Target's clunky shopping carts and red decor everywhere are so distinctive you'd have to be really dense not to know where they are. It's sort of a cross between Family Feud and Trivial Pursuit. And once they're allowed to go consult with their team about the answer, then who gets to go first?

Just in the episode before this Mady was lamenting how mean the younger kids are, but in this episode, Mady is snapping at everyone and overall being a very unpleasant pill. I think we had all speculated this was filmed out of order based on the snow on the ground and no puppies, but deceptively, they don't explain that, leading the dumber fans to believe he's back. If anything, he's one of the best behaved of the bunch. Hey, did anyone see Saturday Night Live's recent Family Feud skit starring Liza Minelli? Mady wings all of this, and already she's changing up the rules. Speaking of four years old, Alexis sulks like a four-year-old after she forgets to ring the bell when she knew the answer, and Leah wins that question because she remembered to ring.

One can easily spend a couple hundred dollars a month at Starbucks on drinks for them and their kids.

That money might be just enough for a monthly housekeeper.

Quinn's "To Have and to Hold", which literally is set in a shack the whole time somewhere outside Colorado Springs, and Seinfeld's "The Chinese Restaurant," which takes place not even in the main dining room but entirely in the waiting area, LOL).

That's usually because it gives a chance for characters to really develop and actors to play off each other and for writers to stretch themselves without the distraction of car chases, snazzy locations and other special effects in the plot. These days everything Kate does seems to warrant a fresh shopping spree at Michael's on the company card.Doesn't she have a closet or at least a bin full of art supplies they could raid for these very sort of events like normal mothers? Kate had the idea to do family trivia and puts Mady in charge. Mady is always in charge, and it's not fair to the other kids.After all this time TLC still hasn't fixed their TLCgo player, such that every time you pause it, it starts over. Mady is sipping a crafted iced drink from Starbucks. Last episode you were just complaining about not having hired help.Since everyone else has access to the library of episodes and could have watched them, it actually is fair. Even if they do, Alexis is going to feel like yeah they won but it's no thanks to me. That being said, some people just aren't good at trivia, at remembering random useless facts. I remember big picture things more than nuances, and I forget dates and names easily even if I could tell you everything else about what happened.Arguably, Alexis's team has a slight advantage, because they have Kate, and these episodes go so far back even Cara is a little young to remember them all. Eventually I'm usually able to recall most things, but I'm not able to do so under the pressure of two or three seconds to draw the information up.As per the usual, the kids are annoyed that Kate is trying to micromanage everything. You see that's because Kate has made them feel "safe" to say whatever is on their minds. There's nine people in the house, they should have bedsheets galore. After a whole lot of bickering back and forth they finally check out with their cart absolutely brimming with sheets and other junk, to which Kate mutters, "That's an expensive game show," as she swipes the company card. I guess this is the kind of rude talking back that Kate calls Mady feeling "safe." Heh.

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