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Not only does a happy wedding party make a happy couple, but allowing a bridesmaid to bring her new boyfriend, for example, is a small token of appreciation you can offer in exchange for her efforts and support, suggests Harrison.3. Guests who do not receive a plus-one may reach out about bringing a guest.

Harrison says it’s okay to reply with something kind, along the lines of: “We would love for you to bring a guest, but this is a very intimate affair.” It might feel rude and hard to say, but just remember: You had that conversation with your partner and family ahead of time.

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Return the generosity in a way that feels right to you.

Old wisdom states the gift should equal the value of your attendance, but Harrison says most people no longer follow that rule.

It was at an RSVP function at City Tattersalls in 2014 that I met a man who conned me out of $20K within less than a month of meeting.

After much research and trying to understand what had happened, I came to the realisation that this man was a psychopath. I later discovered that this man also had an online profile. I'm in the process of writing a book about my experience as a means of warning others about men like Steve.

The outer layer addresses the recipient (the guest or couple you know personally) and the inner paper then lists all the names of those who are invited, like children or plus-ones. If it’s your name alone, they are not offering a plus-one.

If it is for you and a guest, it will say so,” Harrison says.But creating a “singles-only” table could give off the impression you’re corralling your single pals.Instead, place them between outgoing and friendly couples who they’ll likely get along with.That’s sure to create a more communal feel to the event, and it’ll help them meet people organically.1. Even if a plus-one has been named or offered on your invitation, be sure you actually want them to attend before you RSVP.Just because you’re given a plus-one doesn’t mean you have to use it.As a couple, you might be having difficult conversations about who gets to bring someone and who doesn’t. But not so fast: Gone are the days when it was traditional to allow every guest to automatically bring arm candy. Even if they’re not necessarily in a long-term relationship, maybe they can bring someone,’ ” suggests Harrison.

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