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A loop task will repeat automatically until a defined condition is accomplished.

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Besides that, three different types of markers can be defined by right clicking on the task and selecting "Marker Type".

Then, select among the three of them: Mark types are merely informative, in future versions their respective functionality will be added.

Each of these options are described in the following sections.

Task types are intended to model processes that are technically executable.

To view the available task types, right click on the task and hover the mouse over the Task Type option: An empty task is a single action that occurs in a process, e.g. This type of task is supported by the Process Maker engine and the rest of documentation in this page is mostly based in this task.

A send task is a task that sends a message to another process or lane. After adding a script task to the design, configure it by going to its properties to add the code that will be executed.

Markers are used to visually distinguish sub-classes of task objects.

By default no marker is defined, this is known as none.

The first step in creating a process is to define its tasks.

In Process Maker, a task is a logical group of sequential steps that share a common goal.

Tasks can be assigned to different users or groups of users, so that a process can coordinate the activities of different people or groups in an organization.

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