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Rand (John Livingston) is a computer programmer who has created an animated character named Koy-Koy; right from the beginning, it's obvious that he is a bit too attached to his creation.

If human emotions are nothing beyond chemical reactions, then a computer-generated creature could conceivably be considered human, or at least alive.

This movie has its heart in the right place however, and I can accept the end's symbolism.

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With such an intellectual theme, the movie could easily have been artificial and nothing but a series of cerebral discussions, but director Mark Decena does a good job in making it all very natural and compelling.

Strong performances also help to flesh this out into something more than a thesis.

If you like thought provoking movies, try Dopamine! Inspired quite a discussion between my girlfriend and I.

Dopamine is an unusually thoughtful romantic drama that asks whether romantic love is a purely chemical phenomenon.

The film is more prone to start discussions than to end debates.

The Dylan reference at the end kind of suckered me in anyway, even though it came across a bit forced.A romantic drama for the modern age, Dopamine looks at the complexities of pursuing love when contemporary life and personal demons form mighty obstacles. Or is this just inaccuracy on the part of the studio. First of all, in support of a previous reviwer, this film is not about dopamine.Named after the natural chemical that our bodies produce when we fall in love, Dopamine follows the courtship between a computer animator and a kindergarten teacher and creates a soulful portrait of two people facing up to the risks and rewards of falling in love. I think the film "Titanic" may have caused some confusion because it is about a titanic boat which is also called the "Titanic." The current Fox TV series "House" is not about a house so the reviewer may want to avoid that as well.With the satisfaction I recieved from the movie, I look forward to viewing other Sundance winning films.This is highly recommended to any looking for something new and away from the mainstream flow of today's love stories.Much like Dylan's music there are layers that reward repeated viewing.

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