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Peaches was a one-woman-band then, an iconoclast whose sexually confrontational live shows part depended on backing tracks."A lot of people didn't realise I was making the music," she says.

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Samantha maloney dating

It's just her avuncular tour-manager Dave clocking the dying seconds of Brazil vs France.

When Peaches emerges, she's kitted out, relatively demurely, in a long gold dress and gold sandals.

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"Peaches is like an exaggerated me without the boring parts. In the 1970s we women had a sexual revolution, but you guys never did, and I feel bad for you.

It's not a mask, - it's me being honest and trying to make the strongest, most direct statement I can with my lyrics and my shows." The gender-based double standards she perceives in the music industry keep cropping up."Take a song like 'Two Boys for Every Girl'," she says. Men always want to be in a position of power, but they need to make themselves vulnerable, and they need to learn to entertain girls they way that girls have learnt to entertain boys." What might such a sexual revolution involve?She would eventually release an album, Fancy Pants Hoodlum, under her real name, but it was The Shit, an avant-garde outfit she formed with friends that opened the creative floodgates."It was a big awakening and the start of Peaches," she says.Her new album, Impeach My Bush, is so kinky you'd think twice about playing it for guests lest it be thought a preamble to "adult fun", and listening to songs such as "Tent in Your Pants", one can only conclude that Peaches' weekends are not spent watching Little House on the Prairie re-runs.Imagine my disappointment then, when I board her tour bus and find no "adult fun" under way."I'll be happy the day that someone says to me, 'Wow! Every one of them a guy....'" We should perhaps put the gender issues on ice to advise that Peaches' music is frequently superb.

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