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In an important sign of things to come, some of our young Democratic politicians are rising stars.

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I moved here five years ago to begin a professorship at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where I teach cultural anthropology. The area is definitely “in transition.” There are two derelict properties for every rehab, and the stray dogs probably outnumber the kept ones.

I’m a Chicago native, and I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Boston, and Quito, Ecuador. But, I don’t mind the gritty, dilapidated feel, which is characteristic of much of San Antonio.

And with all of the ongoing changes—the growth of Rackspace and the emergence of other new companies not the least among them—San Antonio’s net will become wider and wider.

I might be an optimist, but I also think I’m right.

It’s a clever, fun, nudge-and-wink phrase that expresses how lovingly aware we are of this city’s foibles and failings.) San Antonio is also a place for builders. A few weeks ago, I went to one of the Échale events at Pearl Brewery.

The set design by local hero Cruz Ortiz was cool and beautiful.

Maybe it’s because I’m an anthropologist, but I get off on friendly difference, and San Antonio has plenty of it. Pretentiousness of any kind doesn’t work here, as self-deprecation is a favorite pastime. Never have I been more tempted to start a band, help a friend open a bar or cafe, get involved with a neighborhood political organization, or buy and rehab an old house.

I think it takes a certain kind of young, ambitious person to appreciate San Antonio. (That’s what all of the people who complain about “Keep San Antonio Lame” don’t understand. A lot of San Antonio is great the way it is: the fiestas, the breakfast tacos, the conjunto, the old parks, and the language, architecture, history, and sociality that make this city one of the few American places with a real, organic culture. The best of them build on San Antonio’s Tejano/Hispanic/Mexican heritage to build something new.

San Antonio is by far the friendliest city in which I’ve lived.

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