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It’s fine to say ‘I don’t know’ or ask ‘what do you mean? Not asking does.” Essential skills Many of us lack the skills or the confidence to do these jobs, she explains.

She asked her 131,000 Twitter followers for suggestions and compiled their responses into a list of 100 essential tasks.

“What you’re essentially doing is giving the house a facelift or at least a decent Botox job.

All it has to have is good bones.” She recommends looking beyond Dublin’s traditional areas, where prices have risen enormously in the last 18 months.

On the side, Sarah founded dating website My Single Friend in 2005, which stemmed from her love of matchmaking.

The site gets a close friend or relative to recommend a friend and explain their positive attributes to potential dates.

“If you do decide to go down this route it is best approached when you’re young and before you have kids. If you’re putting your foot into a paint pot when you get out of bed you will go berserk.” Beeny suggests putting up a temporary kitchen and flooring the space with cheap lino so that you have a central space in which to cook and eat.

Buy something ugly Rise Hall, the Grade II listed property that Beeny bought in 2001 and has been her family home for years, was the subject of another TV show.

“Walk into a DIY shop and you’ll find experts talking to you in what seems to be another language entirely.

“Half the battle is having the nerve to say ‘I really don’t understand what you’re saying’.

Thanks to the publicity she had no problem gathering a list of suppliers to help with the renovation.

The restoration project, now a wedding venue that you rent exclusively for the weekend, was “inspired” by a visit to Kilshane House in Co Tipperary where she “had such a good time”.

For people buying or renovating she reiterates that “there is a temptation to underestimate how long and expensive the job will be”.

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