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In the case of a bad agent, a force reinstall should resolve the problem.WORD OF CAUTION: if you're currently running CMA, DO NOT force a reinstall over the existing agent.

These files do not contain the required files needed by a SEPM or SAV Parent to additionally update any clients attached.

I checked with Symantec, they say they don't support Beta OSes but if you were going to try to do it, this is how you should, not that they're saying nuthin'... I really need them to fix this soon, cause I have to run SEP for VPN access and yet I don't want to run Vista anymore and hate XP.... EXE to install liveupdate, reboot, and then run SETUP. However; Anti Virus/Antispyware and Proactive Threat Protection are there and have the latest (today's! Then it just sat there for a good 30 minutes at least. It didn't ask for it but I rebooted anyway....always a good idea when updating an program. I hope to make the upgrade to W7_64 when it comes out.

When I went from XP to Ubuntu on one of my boxes, this happened to me.

When installing SEP I didn't get any BSODs/STOP errors.

You need to search the log for a run of your update task (search by task name as it appears in your e PO task list)--it will appear in the first line of the task invocation (i.e., Scheduler: Invoking task [DAT Update-WS]...).

Read all the way through to the end of the task (i.e., Scheduler: Task [DAT Update-WS] is finished) and it will tell you where the update task failed.Nothing seems to work as far as being able to network deploy it with SEPM.I've tried the registry hack, and the process stated above with no luck.13 September 2007 Info Script Verifying catalog.z. 13 September 2007 Info Script Update Finished 13 September 2007 Info Script Closing the update session.13 September 2007 Info Script Extracting catalog.z. 13 September 2007 Info Scheduler The task Deployment is successful 13 September 2007 Info Scheduler Scheduler: Task [Deployment] is finished Everything appears to be okay however the PC still appears to be running engine 4400 with dats 4462.That version had a bug and you'll end up cleaning up the agent install by hand--update to CMA instead.

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