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This would probably make even more sense if you're a refugee/immigrant.

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We didn't go there and take them, however modern day "African Americans" (never understood this term because 99% have never been to fuking Africa) people don't understand that their own tribal leaders hated their ancestors so much they sold them to another country to be a slave, but hey the white man is always wrong right?

Because it's hard to paint Islam as a religion of peace when the Islamic world spent over a millenia waging war against European and North African countries.

Mohhamed, however, was rised in an enviroment embodying "comfort is weakness" and "the strongest survive".

Therefore he comes over and collects everything the weak men neglected to take care of.

If they want to honor their ancestors and take a stand against coercion they would revert to being animists Gets me every time.

Brb sex with a female slave isn't rape if a Muslim master is doing the raping.

Enslavement of other groups has been a part of human nature since addendum.

Those arabs didn't learn it from whites, they just wanted to do it for free labor.

GTFO lol On a side note, not making excuses for Europeans holding slaves in the slightest, but it was common practice for MENA slave holders to castrate their sub Saharan African why you see lots of black people in USA, where slaves were not castrated, and very few black people in Turkey or Saudi Arabia, where slaves were castrated That's none of my business Arabs as a group were probably the most notorious slavers of all time.

You will NEVER learn about this at school, especially not today.

It appears as barbary or in Old French barbarie, itself derived from the Arabic Barbar, Berber, which is an ancient Arabic term for the North African inhabitants west of Egypt.

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