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Forum Julii =Cividale Gisulf, nep Bew of Alboin, first Duke Boundaries of the duchy Duke Grasulf I : correspondence with Childebert Duke Gisulf II : reconciliation with Agilulf 6 10 (1) Avar invasion : death of Gisulf, siege of Forum Julii Grimwald's escape from the Avar Story of the ancestors of Paulus Diaconus . Later history of Benevento 571-591 Zotto, first Duke .... 591-641 Arichia second Duke Note on Ariohis as tutor to the young Princes of Friuli ..... Factumque est, et annuente sibi rege quas obtaverat (sic) Langobardorum praecipuas prosapias ut cum eo habitarent accepit. Poposcit quoque a rege generosarum equarum greges, et m hoc quoque liberalitate principis exauditus est' (H. ' As there was the seat of a bishopric at Belluno, we may perhaps conjecturally place the residence of a Lombard duke at that city, ruling the valley of the upper Piave, and possibly part of the valley of the Brenta (see Pabst, p. formation vouchsafed to us by Paulus as to the earliest '—^ history of the duchy of Friuli is less complete than ruiera of that which he gives us as to the neighbouring duchy ^ "" ^' of Trient ; an inferiority which is all the more notice- able since the Lombard historian saw in Friuli the cradle of his own race.

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CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY GOLDWIN SMITH LIBRARY Cornell University Library DG 503. 3 1924 014 608 859 Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library. Thus the injuries done to God will cease ; the blood of our poor Roman relations will be avenged, and a perpetual peace will be established [between you and the Empire] ^. But if you are not satisfied with the authority of the document which conveys to you the Emperor's Gogo. 420 ; unsuccessful siege of Constantinople 717-718, vi. Sardinia, Pope Gregory I's letters to the clergy of, v.

There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. But in our great ignorance of the transactions of these times I do not see anything in the contents of this letter to forbid the hypothesis that it was written about 583 or 584, and therefore possibly by the ' nutricius ' Gogo. 427; Liutprand's expe- dition against, in Provence, vi.

In the year 587, Duke Euin commanded the army Lombard sent by Authari into ' Istria.' Conflagration and pillage of istna. Nomina autem castrorum quae diruerunt in territorio Tridentino ista sunt : Tesana, Maletum, Sermiana, Appianum, Pagitana, Cimbra, Vitianum, Bremtonicum, Volaenes, Ennemase, et duo in Alsuca, et unum in Verona. It is from this intervention of the bishop of Seben on behalf of the Lombard garrison that Malfatti infers that the Lombard duchy, before the Frankish invasion, included the valley of the lower Eisach, a probable but not a proved hypothesis. It was probably about five years after the Frankish Duke -r-. The ' centrifugal ' tendency, as it has been well called, so often to be found in these Teutonic states, and so especially characteristic of the Lombards, carried both Gaidwald of Trient and his neighbour of Friuli into opposition, estrangement, perhaps, rather than open rebellion, against King Agilulf. The low marble screen which separates the choir from the nave, and the six statues at the west end, stiff and Byzantine in the faces, but with some remembrance of classical grace in the fall of their draperies, give a decidedly archaic character to the little edifice, and may perhaps date from the days of the Lombards ^.

It is a probable conjecture, but nothing more, that this extension of the territory of the Lombards may have been con- nected in some way with the domestic troubles of their Bavarian neighbours, when Garibald their duke was attacked, possibly deposed, by his Frankish over- lords ^. Then comes the following passage, evidently an extract from the history of Secundus, and not quite agreeing with what has gone before, inasmuch as it enumerates thirteen castles instead of five : ' Pervenit etiam exercitus Franco- rum usque Veronam et deposuerunt castra pluritna per pacem post sacramenta data, quae se eis crediderant, nullum ab eis dolum existimantes. The fortress would have been compelled to surrender, but two bishops, Agnellus of Tridentum and Ingenuinus of Savio ^, interceded for the garrison, who were permitted to ransom themselves at the rate of a solidus ^ a head. Retreat It will be remembered that the campaign of the Franks, allied powcrs in 590 ended in a treaty between the Franks and the Lombards, which the Imperialists viewed with deep disgust, but the conclusion of which ' Variarum, iii. ^ Savio is probably the same as Sublavio, a station mentioned in the Antonine Itinerai-y, on the highway between Augusta Vindelicorum (Augsburg) and Verona : and it is believed to corre- spond with Seben, in the valley of the Eisaoh, a little south of Brixen. This, however, was the last invasion — as far as we Peace in know — that the Tridentine territory had to undergo dentine. The peace concluded by Agilulf with the Frankish kings must have been an especial blessing to this district, which had no other foes to fear except those who might enter their country from the north ; since high mountain ranges secured them from invasion on the east and west, and on the south was the friendly territory of Verona. Rhaetian population in the valley of the Adige were growing more friendly, and now both ruler and people were no longer divided by the difference of creed. (Names of the dukes in capitals : kings of Italy in Italic capitals : conjectural links in the genealogy in small capitals.) I I ALBOIN. This was once a Roman temple, dedi- cated, it is said, to Juno, but afterwards converted into a Christian bas Uica. Sclavonians (Sclovenes), neighbours of Duchy of Friuli, vi.

The next important stream that joins it is the Noce, which falls in from the West, after flowing round the base of the mighty mountain mass of the Adamello, and through the interesting valleys of Italian-speaking people known as the Val di Sole and the Val di Non. An unimportant stream, the Fersina, is all that here brings its contribution to the central river \ but the position of Tridentum is im- portant for this reason, that only a few miles off, and across a low watershed, we enter the broad valley which is known as the Val Sugana, and through which flows the stream of the Brenta, a stream that takes its own independent course past Bassano and Padua to the Adriatic, and there, more than any other single river, has been ' the maker of Venice.' For the rest of its course the Adige flows through the narrow Val Lagarina, shut in by high hills on either side, and receiving no afiluent of importance till it emerges upon the great Lombard plain, and darts under the embattled bridges of Verona, beyond which city we must not now follow its fortunes. the Sarco, which draws its waters from the melted ^^ snows of the southern sides of Monte Adamello, as the Noce draws its waters from the North and West of the same great mountain-chain. But Aquileia, though, as we have seen, it still retained its ecclesiastical importance, was not the place chosen for the seat of the Lombard duke. 430 ; his influence on Theudelinda in connection with the Three Chapters Controversy, v. 6^4; note on continued existence of into the ninth century, vi. Sennodius, ' Optimate ' of Austrasia, ambassador to Constantinople, f. John, exposes himself to death for Cuninc- pert at battle of the Adda, vi.

About twenty miles further down the valley, the Adige, which here flows over dark slabs of porphyry rock, is joined by the Eisach, coming down from Brixen, and from the long Pusterthal. Soon afterwards we reach at last the battle- mented walls of the city of Trient, the true centre, as has been before said, of the Adige valley, being about equally distant from Meran in the North, and from Verona in the South. In the sixteenth century there appears to have been an unsuccessful attempt to revive the old name Forum Julii for the city (p. This name, however, was never lost for the district, which, as the Marca or Comitatus Forojuliensis, had a separate existence throughout the Middle Ages, owning the Patriarch of Forum Julii== Cividale. lll_ towards that Venice of the Empire, the Pontebba and dai J^ as "^^ Predil Passes, the Pass of the Pear Tree, the road of the^bor- which skirted the Istrian coast — all these gave its dis- '^'^^"''"''^y- tinctive character to the region. Semnones, neighbours and allies of the Langobardi, v. Senate of Constantinople, shares in the government of Constans II, vi. Senate of Borne, care of weights and measures assigned to it by J ustinian, vi.

Survey of the events of the seventh century In England In France .... The most pious Emperor has signified that he is going to send a special embassy, and we may expect its arrival any day : but as time presses we will lay before you two courses and leave it to you to decide between them. If you can give the Eepublic sufficient security ^ for the fulfilment of your promises, we are prepared to hand over to you the whole sum of money in hard cash. 419 ; defeated by Eudo of Aqui- taine and by Charles Martel, vi. 414 ; soldiers come from, to Sicily, to put down usui-pa- tion of Mizizius, vi.

Heraclius Emperor : Persian War Mohammedanism Monotheletism : the Ecthesis 64 1 Death of Heraclius Emperors of the Heraclian line 2 3 5 6 8-1 1 11-16 16-19 19 19-21 CHAPTER II. )- proposition very desirable for all parties, which ought to be put into shape at once, that we may break the obstinacy of our foes. 283 ; invade Gaul and hold Septimania for half a century, vi.

ITALY AND HER INVADERS HOBGKIN Bonton HENRY FROWDE Oxford University Press Warehouse Amen Corner, E. MACMILLAN & CO., 66 FIFTH AVENUE o 5 H u 5 id =^ P J H s . D., Dublin FELLOW OP UNIVEBSITT COLLEGE, LONDON VOLUME VI Book VII. In that case Crivellucci's sug- gestion that Grasulf 's treason was caused by pique at the election of Authari would receive striking confirmation. Some writers, in order to lessen the difficulties of the Gisulf genealogy, bring the Avar Avar Invasion.

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