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The comic also derives other aspects like the enjoyment and the lifestyle of Gujaratis," Bohidar said at the fifth biennial conference on '(Re) Defining Gujarati Identity' organized by Gujarat Studies Association in Ahmedabad.

Relating the character of Savita's husband to the traits of Gujarati men, the paper says that there are a lot of similarities between the two — such as the issue of male migration, and the enterprising spirit that takes men to different countries, but leaves less time for the spouse.

But, when in a hurry, one-dish meals like Dal Dhokli will come to your rescue.

Gujarati cuisine makes use of many native veggies, and also special combinations of spices to season them, resulting in homely and satiating dishes.

These dishes are prepared such that they can be preserved for a day or sometimes even a week!

Let us discover many more such marvels of this cuisine… 87 Gujarati Faral Recipes 50 Gujarati Dal Kadhi Recipes 198 Gujarati Farsans Recipes 48 Gujarati Kachumber Chutneys Pickles Recipes 63 Gujarati Khichdi Rice Recipes 70 Gujarati Mishtan Mithai Recipes 85 Gujarati Shaak Sabzi Recipes 40 Gujarati Rotli Recipes Happy Cooking!Very popular in Gujarat, this jar snack can be enjoyed anytime with a cup of hot chai, and even carried along while travelling.It is important to use coarse besan for this snack, to get the perfect cru ....“muthi” means fist in gujarati, and the dish is named such because the mixture is shaped into cylindrical rolls using the fist.One thing to remember while making doodhi muthia is that bottle gourd has high water content. Dhebra is an Indian bread, popular in Gujarati cuisine.You need to shape and loosen the dough tactfully, an ....

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