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Perfect – I love the theatre, so we’ve got tons to talk about.

Our chat goes so well, even though I’d planned to get off at Victoria I stay on a few more stops.

I feign stupidity and ask if he’s got wifi down here.

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In hindsight I could have offered him my number so I could attend opening night.

South Kensington to Leicester Square – Piccadilly Line I pick a seat beside a tall guy in his late 30s with his i Pad out.

Finally I chat to a tall South African guy, whose name I forget but who’s easy to talk to.

Day 4 I up the ante and see if I can get a date or number.

It’s more varied than a pub, cheaper than a night out and less forced than a singles event.

My daily commute lasts three hours, including half an hour on the Tube.’ Online, apparently, then we laugh about how other rude items could have come up when Googling cuffs.I then have a brainwave and ask if his work mind him wearing stuff like that, and it turns out he’s starring in the Beach Boys musical.’ in the manner of one addressing a cracked person.Bond Street to Westminster – Jubilee Line ‘I like your tie,’ I tell a smartly-dressed office type as we’re wedged in together by the door.I sit by him on the premise of moving away from a horde of primary school kids.

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