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The emergence and refinement of DNA evidence testing, along with the expansion of nationwide criminal DNA databases, are credited with helping to solve cases that might otherwise have rested on third-party witness testimony.

Wesley Duncan, an assistant attorney general heading the program, called the funding plan a good sign for sexual assault victims. who may have felt like they couldn't be prosecuted," Duncan said. Brian Sandoval signed a law this year extending to 20 years the statute of limitations for reporting sex assaults in Nevada.

A DNA match can be crucial to prosecuting a sex assault case.

Murga said Las Vegas police are also receiving a nearly $2 million grant from the New York County District Attorney Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Elimination Program in conjunction with the Joyful Heart Foundation, an advocacy group associated with "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" star Mariska Hargitay.

Another $850,000 for Las Vegas comes from a nearly $2 million U. Department of Justice grant, Murga said, with the remaining Justice Department grant funds to be used by several agencies to develop policies and procedures for testing, provide resources for victims and complete investigations.

The state maintains a domestic partnership registry that enables same-sex couples to enjoy the same rights as married couples.

It allows opposite-sex couples to establish domestic partnerships as well.

On February 1, 2017, after Democrats took control of the Legislature following the 2016 elections, a similar bill was introduced, in order to bring the Constitution in line with the fact that same-sex marriage is legal. On October 7, 2014, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the decision of the federal district court in Nevada and remanded it back to the district court, ordering it to issue an injunction to bar enforcement of Nevada's amendment banning same-sex marriage.

If approved in 20, it would be placed on the 2020 ballot for approval by voters. The court also applied heightened scrutiny in concluding that Nevada's ban constitutes discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Mahan issued the injunction and same-sex couples began obtaining marriage licenses.

Neither house of the Legislature had passed the bill with the two-thirds vote needed to override the Governor's veto.

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