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Museums, performing arts, libraries, bookstores, and professional sports are abundant and more accessible than in comparable places.

The historical heritage of the city and region is interesting and well preserved.

The other more attractive suburbs lie to the northwest towards Boulder – Arvada, Westminster, Lafayette, and Louisville.

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The economic picture is still favorable but not without risk, and the area is stimulating and relatively affordable for a big city.

The downsides of commutes, air quality and some cost factors brought a drop in ranking, but we like Denver more than the figure indicates.

New gambling venues have revived such mining ghost towns to the west as Central City and Blackhawk; whether this is a tasteful use of historic sites brings different opinions.

Suburbs offer a lot of attractive living choices and environments in all price ranges.

The good news: costs have stayed relatively constant, given this pressure, compared especially to other large cities and other Western locations.

Despite persistent efforts to keep the downtown attractive, urban sprawl has generated traffic, long commute times, and smog, particularly in the summer months and particularly along the I-25 north-south corridor.The invigorating continental climate, typical of the Rocky Mountain region, brings frequent changes, but only short durations of extremely warm or cold weather.Situated a long distance from any moisture source and separated from the Pacific Ocean by several high mountain barriers, Denver enjoys low relative humidity, light precipitation, and abundant sunshine.All of this, of course, is in view of the main Rocky Mountain ridges, bringing picture postcard vistas on most days except when smog and haze occasionally take over. Air service at the new Denver International Airport, the hub of discount carrier Frontier Airlines, is plentiful, although the facility is not conveniently located for most local residents.The old Stapleton airport 5 miles east of downtown is undergoing a massive residential and commercial redevelopment and may turn out to be another area crown jewel.South of town the large suburbs of Littleton and Centennial offer good schools and housing, and still further south Castle Rock offers family living in more of a country setting, though growth in this direction has been maybe a little too rapid.

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