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I have never been involved in sexual abuse in my life with a man, woman or child." Under cross-examination by Mr Kearney, Murphy said his nickname at the school had been 'Bootsy', but denied it was because he kicked boys with hobnail boots.

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Working for nearly 40 years with her husband Peter, she wrote a number of ground-breaking reference volumes, publishing her own books for another two decades after his death in 1982.

She presided for years over an empire of books, toys, games and cuttings stored in the couple’s rambling country house in West Liss, Hampshire.

Brought up in South-east England, Iona only saw her pathologist father Sir Robert Archibald once a year when he returned from a posting in Sudan.

A serious child much given to reading, she enjoyed a comfortable although disciplined childhood before enrolling in 1941 at Middle Wallop, Salisbury Plain, in the Woman’s Auxiliary Air Force. She came across(1939), a book by Peter Opie, illustrated by his own photographs.

He said he ran off from the residential school many times in a bid to get home.

One former pupil said of the institution: "It was just run on a regime of fear." He was asked by advocate depute Paul Kearney if Brother Benedict had played a role in that regime and said: "He was the housemaster.

The man said that later in his life he had suffered a breakdown. He said of Brother Ben: "He thought it was really, really funny. All I felt was getting undressed, tied round my privates. It was like a stabbing sensation I was getting." He said: "Brother Benedict bossed the school. He was the boss." Murphy, of Rogate Road, Liss, Hampshire, who trained as a social worker, had maintained his innocence and told jurors: "As a matter of fact I should not be here in this court at all.

A 57-year-old man told the court that he suffered a boyhood beating at the school that left him screaming as a belt was wielded on him. "You got that if you brought the school into disrepute, if you brought the police to the door." He was also subjected to electric shocks with Brother Ben winding the handle on the generator. I have done nothing wrong in St Joseph's." He claimed he had always treated children with respect and said: "I am very unlucky." He said he had taken three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and told the court: "I am a member of a religious order.

The victim said he had started crying and found the indecent assault "painful".

Like some of the other troubled children placed in the school, the effects of the abuse haunted his later life.

He said: "There has been a lot of confusion within my whole life." He later underwent rehabilitation and attended Narcotics' Anonymous.

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