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27 of those 34 sites have different themes, nine are live show archive sites, again on various themes , there is one interviews site, a site for all the HD movies and one for the ‘classics’, so not only have you got a lot of variety on offer, you've also got live shows.

There were no clips or parts that I could see, so you have to take a whole movie, but I could jump through the streams.

Quality was not an issue, not only in terms of resolution choice, but in terms of moviemaking.

It’s all exclusive too, there are lots of ways to view scenes and lots of information about the girls too.

You need to leap over an advertisement on your way in, but it’s not great issue, and then you find yourself at a home page where that day’s updates are posted.

There then coms a porn finder page, which is a list of categories, plus a visual list of what other members are watching right now, but an easier way to find what you want is to select a site from the All Sites list in the top menu.

Hold your mouse over this item and the list appears, the sites mainly have names which are self-explanatory so it’s easy to find what you like.When you click one you stay in the same window and the site changes within the main page, so navigation is easy and you don’t get lost.When it comes to viewing you have four streaming options and a trailer, plus around nine download formats, and files suitable for mobile devices; there are zip files for images, plus basic online thumbnail galleries, there are links to the models in the index, tag words to help you filter out content and then a set of neat interactive options.Good light, sound and camerawork and excellent performances, natural and down to earth.Images were available in a choice of resolutions too, with good sized pictures opening up and being sharp and clear.Choosing a recent scene I found streams in four qualities up to 1080p, so the choice is up to you and your connection speed.

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