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Member's Only December 6, 2016: Note From Sexy Para Today I will be working on a video diary type update.

I will explain to you where I've been, and let you follow me around while I do daily chores and get ready to have some company over later. I'm kind of drawing a blank as far as updates that don't include the cast!

You can watch my legs spasm while I try to stretch them. I will be posting new updates this weekend, plus gathering pictures and hopefully some video along my travels.

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It's so scary being this wobbly and my legs being much weaker than ever. JOIN NOW Member's Only April 22, 2017: Stretching Stretching, exercising, talking to you about it all. I do some crawling, and the end has a surprise bonus of tons of clonus spasms.

Be prepared to laugh as well as I use an unconventional method to protect my toes from getting injured. JOIN NOW Member's Only March 9, 2017: Note from Sexy Para I am leaving on vacation on Monday, March 13!

JOIN NOW Member's Only May 25, 2017: Quick And Painful Here's a quick video of me transferring from my chair to the floor and then getting up and down off the couch for a little more exercise, finally transferring back to my chair.

My legs are very tired and sore so all the added movement hurts quite a bit, but it's still good exercise for me.

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Chat for free live 1-on-1 with your favorite muscle girl or guy, watch a show you'll never forget or join in on the action and let them see and hear you with our cam2cam feature!I took a month off for personal reasons, but I am back and will be updating with tons of new pics and videos starting this week!I am preparing for one last camping trip before it's too cold, and also rearranging my apartment, both of which I will be filming portions for you to watch.Streamate is the most popular cam community featuring performers from all over the world.Superior wheelchair and crutches fetishist, and award winning site! Standing at 6 feet tall, my stature alone will take your breath away.JOIN NOW Member's Only May 24, 2017: Stretching, Spasms and Pantyhose I recently received this incredibly sexy pair of pantyhose from a fan, so I decided today I would do some stretching and floor exercises while wearing them.

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