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(Drunk texts, ahem.) The product launch could also be one of the most awkwardly timed in recent memory, though.Earlier this week, news reports citing anonymous sources said that Yahoo is weighing a selloff of its entire Web products and advertising business, presumably because they're beyond saving.

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We need to think about whether we can update this and other laws to better suit the digital age.

That means better suited to everyone, rather than just GCHQ.

Equally worrying are reports that hackers could use the webcam on your laptop without even triggering the embedded warning light that indicates to the owner that the camera is in use.

Once they’ve gained access to your webcam, a hacker can then go on to trade or sell access to it on hidden websites and password protected chat rooms.

Google’s offering, Google Talk, was developed much more recently and is possibly a better option in these post-Snowden times.

The service encrypts data between the user and its servers, and then re-encrypts it when it is sent to another user.

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It's available on the Web, in Yahoo's email service, on Apple i Phones and on smartphones powered by Google's Android mobile software. Does it do anything you can't already do with one of its rivals?

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