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It has great pictures and covers different types of families, but it also illustrates that there are many differences among people, such as the homes they live in, the jobs they have, the schools they go to, the clothes they wear, their feelings, and the hobbies they pursue.It feels great to begin teaching my son to be inclusive and accepting of all differences among people.Different family structures It might be best to begin with a few books that explain the many different kinds of families, including families headed by single moms.

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Donor conception When introducing donor conception to your child, it’s very important to separate the idea of .

By that I mean that it’s useful for your donor-conceived child to understand that a sperm and an egg are required to create a baby; however, sometimes the person who provides the sperm or egg is the mother or father, and sometimes that person is not.

And they have variations for known donors and anonymous donors, whether you will be able to meet donor siblings, etc.

The variations that are available are quite amazing.

Instead, you want to aim for it to be a story that has been part of your child’s knowledge before they could even understand it.

If you feel uncertain about how to introduce the topic, there are numerous picture books you can read to your child.It must be ordered from the UK, but if you need a specific story—such as Solo Mom double donor or sperm donor with twins—it is a great book to have.Some versions allow you to insert pictures of the donors, if you have them.Inclusive sex education by Cory Silverberg (Triangle Square, 2013) is a quirky and fun sex-education book for kids aged four to eight.It’s intended to be “a book for every kind of FAMILY and every kind of KID.” It emphasizes that not everyone goes about having a baby the same way and cleverly illuminates the basic biology of reproduction while honoring today’s diversity of families, genders, and gender identities, in addition to the different ways kids can come into a family.Now that my son is a toddler and is already asking questions about why he doesn’t have a daddy, I am so grateful to have previously laid a foundation about all the different types of family structures around us.

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