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They love each other, like siblings love each other, but they're not .The fact that this doesn't stop everybody is a whole other can of worms all together.

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William also discovered that used coffee grounds are high in antioxidants, can act as a natural microbead-free exfoliator, and the caffeine promotes blood flow - which has added skincare bonuses such as reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

After deciding to develop a skincare line, he enlisted the help of his younger sister, and the pair used their life savings, plus investment from their parents and from William's girlfriend (now wife) to launch the business.

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If you can imagine the same-sex versions of the characters being Heterosexual Life-Partners, then they belong under Platonic Life Partners.

Of course, almost all instances of Platonic Life Partners fall under this trope, but to avoid redundancy they should be listed on this page.

After making several cups of coffee with his brand new cafetière, he realised that the used coffee grounds would have to be simply thrown away each time.

After doing some research, he learned that more than 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds are consumed each year in the UK alone and sent to the landfill as waste.

Their products are stocked in eight countries across Europe and are listed in the likes of Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Fenwick Bond Street and As Nature Intended in the UK.

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