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Kite Beach, Umm Suqeim Dubai has no shortage of romantic and fun date ideas.

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The first step is to think what kind of person is the right one.

Like anywhere in the world, different types of people will be at different types of places.

So if you’re the needy or slightly clingy type in a relationship, dating an Arab will be your dream come true (that being said, please take this with a grain of salt).

Dating an Arab means you’ll get to experience an entirely new culture and learn about a rich tradition—whether they’re from North Africa or the Levant or the Arabian Peninsula, Arabs have a rich and colorful culture and tradition that will teach you something new every single day you’re with them!

Stuck in the car with the sound of the indicators flashing?

Waiting in line and you start tapping your fingers in impatience?

These are a few life hacks to ensure everyone can find their better half.

There are many ways to meet people in Dubai – some more conventional than others.

Every culture has stereotypical things that are generally accepted and not accepted during dating, and with many Arabs it is in fact okay when you act needy and clingy with your partner.

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