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It is more like a cam platform, but it is completely based on Skype. If you are a camming model, you just need to register for an account and complete your profile. In the registration page, you can indicate your pay per-minute charges.Once the registration procedure is completed, you have to subsequently download the Sky Private Skype module.

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Skype cam sex usa

Here are some of the main features of Sky Private: If you are not a model and if you want to start your own site for a number of Skype show camming models, this API is indispensable.

Sky Private PRO is an API which can track the time spent by 2 of your users on Skype.

call duration x price per minute = total amount, from the customers’ accounts to your models’ accounts.

But how to implement Sky Private PRO to your business? Basically, you will need to add 2 new fields in your system of models accounts.

The world of adult cam sites has been constantly growing since the last decade.

Now there are more users who are willing to pay money to watch cam models.After this, on your model’s public profile page, you will need to add a new button, displaying “Skype me now” and link it to her Skype ID, and when the visitor clicks the button, it will open a Skype chat window with your model’s contact.Now when a model receives a call from a customer on Skype, the Sky Private PRO will ask via API to your system if the Skype ID of that caller exists in your system or not, and also if he has funds in his accounts for a 5 minute call, according to your call rates.This way, Sky Private Pro never gets to know the balance of that user in your system, which is good as it doesn’t violate the privacy of your customer and yourself.Sky Private will keep repeating this process every 5 minutes, till the call ends.If your system replies with a YES, the API will instruct your system to move that amount to an escrow account inside your system.

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