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”“Desdemona’s a dipshit,” said Meredith.“Meredith,” Douglas warned. They spoke the least of the six, Kelly because she was cultivating spiritual fatigue and Nicole because . He passed among them, staring at their bent heads, at the roots of their hair and their earlobes, wondering how many had prom dates, how many might end up teachers, how quickly Rhonda would marry. Nicole had written verbatim, from memory, the entire first page of “Moby-Dick,” and was still going. He scribbled in the margin of her paper, “This isn’t what I asked for.”Without glancing up, Nicole crossed out what he’d set down and wrote, “It is a far, far better thing that I do.”“Pens down,” said Douglas.He rolled his eyes at Meredith’s and Jill’s papers: each of them already had seven synonyms for “bellicose.” Kelly had finished in three minutes, and was now drawing hangman nooses—her trademark—on all of her “T”s. Her paper was in a band of sunlight, and on it she had written no vocabulary words whatsoever. Douglas waited to see if she would run out of steam or turn her head to look at him, but she didn’t. After school, he performed his daily regimen, half an hour of free weights followed by a three-mile run in Central Park. Agnes with just enough time for a shower before the Forensics match.“Jill’s going to ask you to come watch softball today, but you promised to see our Forensics meet against Regis, remember? Douglas set his satchel on his desk, surveyed the room. The look in her eyes when she stared out the window reminded Douglas of when he was a boy and he would gaze at his mother’s dressing-room mirror, wondering who lived on the other side.“Vocab quiz,” said Douglas. They whipped out pens and blank pieces of paper.“Three synonyms, from Latin roots, for ‘bellicose.’ ” Douglas thought out loud.

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The bell for chapel rang.“You told me that you enjoy gnocchi, Mr. “But—Listen, Nicole, I’m very proud that you’ve gotten into Princeton, but you don’t have to—”“I’m reading the Book of Revelation.” Nicole tapped the Bible. Douglas’s stomach bottomed out, the way it had in high school before his boxing matches. They’re a priceless collection.”“They’re heirlooms,” said Paulette.“Right, heirlooms.” Samson chewed and swallowed. “The point is, he was a prince, and these were his books.”“The point is, Bonners are royalty,” said Nicole. Paulette served the main course, which Douglas had to admit was delicious. Samson spoke of common concerns—the mayor, the weather, the stock market. Paulette asked Douglas about his favorite films, and Douglas answered. “You’re nineteen.”“Twenty in September,” said Nicole.“We held her back,” said Paulette. Kerchek, that in centuries past a girl was often married and birthing offspring by fourteen? It stopped at Douglas’s feet and looked directly up at him.“John Stapleton,” whispered Douglas.“,” said John Stapleton. He thought of his mother, of Chiapas and the Mexicans, of the unbroken chain of essays that he’d corrected for the past six years. And there might have been a time in history when all people spoke like Nicole Bonner.“I can commute to Princeton,” explained Nicole, “or else just come back to you on weekends.

“In case you were wondering.”Girls surged past Douglas and Nicole, chattering, chapel-bound.“Come on, Nicky,” said Rhonda Phelps.“Good morning, Mr. Kerchek, that there are creatures in the Book of Revelation covered entirely with eyeballs? He felt slightly dizzy, in need of ibuprofen.“My parents and I will expect you at seven on Thursday.” Nicole stepped backward. She’ll love it.”“There is no she,” insisted Douglas. He wore a camel’s-hair sports coat, and he carried a German chocolate cake from Café Mozart. Every time Douglas looked at Nicole, she looked right back at him. The Chardonnay settled lightly in his head, and he found himself wondering random things, like how the Yankees would do this season, how cold it was outside, how curvy Nicole had ever emerged from beanstalk Paulette. ” said Douglas.“Paulette and I would like to arrange a marriage between you and our daughter here. They were all seated in their chairs, smiling politely. Excuse me, Samson, but you don’t even know me.”“Oh, hell.” Samson swatted the air as if it held gnats. She says you watch a movie every night just like she reads a book every night.”“It’s adorable,” said Paulette. “In third grade.”“Well, twenty, then,” said Douglas.“She struggled with phonics,” said Paulette.“Excuse me.” Douglas cleared his throat loudly. ”“Let’s not rush into any birthing,” chuckled Samson.“This isn’t the Middle Ages, Nicole.” Douglas swallowed some brandy after all. The cat nibbled briefly at the toe of Douglas’s left shoe, then proceeded down the hall, disappearing into the shadows. This night, this family, this cat, all of them are certifiable. And I’ve got that huge heirloom library out there to read. He stalked over to Nicole, unsure of what to do.“Easy, Douglas.” Nicole moved back on the daybed.“No.” Douglas shook his head, went back to pacing. My family’s a little eccentric, and I am, too, but, well, there it is.

Kerchek,” said Jill Eckhard.“He’s a Machiavellian bastard,” said Rhonda Phelps.“You know what’s an excellent word to say out loud repeatedly? So Douglas spent his nights alone seeing films, correcting essays, and occasionally chatting with Chiapas and company. When the bell rang for his class, Douglas strode into the classroom with confidence.“Mr.

On this particular night, Douglas was barely into his stack of essays when the phone rang.“Hello? He expected it to be his mother, who called weekly from Pennsylvania to see if her son had become miraculously engaged.“Good evening, Mr. Kerchek.” Meredith Beckermann jumped from her desk.

Agnes High School on West Ninety-seventh and Broadway, and Nicole Bonner was the standout in his class. Nicole—”“Do you know what’s happening to ankle as we converse? He likes to nibble my toes, too.”Douglas blinked several times.“John Stapleton is a domestic shorthair. That was why, the morning after the call from Nicole, Douglas awoke feeling flummoxed.

She was the tallest, at five feet ten, the oldest, at nineteen, and the smartest, with a flawless A. Also, he had short black sideburns with streaks of gray in them, a boxer’s build, a Ph. in English literature from Harvard, and no wife or girlfriend. Sometimes he licks, other times he nibbles.”“I see,” said Douglas. He’d spent ten minutes on the phone with a nineteen-year-old girl and tripped over his tongue like a schoolboy the whole time.

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About 181,000 people die each year in the United States from smoking-related heart disease and stroke, and about 158,000 die from smoking-related cancer.

The remainder of the smoking-related deaths, 123,000, are from lung diseases other than cancer.

He crouches on the rim of the bowl and does his business and presses his paw on the flusher afterward. She is organized, clever, and kindhearted, and once she knows what she wants she will pursue a thing—a line of argument, a hockey ball, a band to hire for the prom—with a charmingly ruthless will.

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