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A patient would have to call an individual hospital for ambulance services.

Vo is devoted to providing quality local and international connections to our customers around the world.

By being a strictly bring-your-own-device service, we are able to focus attention on giving customers a highly flexible, feature-rich cloud-based communications service that won't cost more than it needs to.

Emergency operators may or may not speak French/English.999 connects you to the Dhaka Metro Police Exchange.

There is no guarantee that English will be spoken or understood at the Dhaka Metro Police Exchange.

Whether you already have own your hardware or have your eye on the perfect device, we're ready to connect you.

We are business owners with a passion for technology who believed there was a better way to utilize the Internet for a company's communications needs.

Please check your calling card description for fee details.

We recommend these calling cards for all types of calls, but you have to understand the fees and plan your calls appropriately.

Some countries have a different emergency number for each of the different emergency services; these often differ only by the last digit.

Inside the European Union, 112 was introduced as a common emergency call number during the 1990s, and is a well known emergency number in the world today alongside 911 and 999.

The emergency telephone number may differ from country to country.

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