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As a former practicing lawyer who also holds a graduate degree in philosophy, Jasbina can relate first-hand to the demands and challenges facing her accomplished clients.

After years of trying to find love, countless dates, and failed attempts to find the perfect person in life, along came the Dil Mil app.

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A unique issue for first-generation American-born South Asians is that many prefer the Western method to finding your life partner: dating.

Since many of their parents are immigrants and probably had arranged marriages, they aren’t able to turn to their parents for help on learning how to navigate the dating scene.

Dil Mil gave us what we needed: a starting point to talk!

We just needed that initial push to get to know each other.

The best moment was when she picked me up from the airport at 6 am the first time we met. I had seen him around campus but both of us are pretty shy people.

We never had an opportunity to talk one on one until we matched on Dil Mil…

For example: [INTERVIEW] Neely Steinberg Interview – Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur to Find Love _____ From this point on, it is inevitable that Shalini will choose higher quality boyfriends as she will be careful to notice these characteristics that she often had gravitated to before without even realizing it.

Many of our decisions are made based on information and experiences that are so ingrained into our thought process that we never think twice about the possibility that our information or these experiences might be hurting us in how we live our life.

Now it’s been a couple months we’ve been dating and it’s been a lot of fun.

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