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There are so many single people on their own that would like to date.

Also would like to see speed date events in West London area for men and women age group 45 more of that age group event, could be held in wine bars also as I know a lot of big wine drinkers.

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Rob is a great host with great communication in the lead up to the event. I had 17 dates in one night, was great fun, really enjoyable. Went to the speed dating event at the Exhibit in Balham. I went upstairs and the girls were told to go and sit down the men followed after.

The event was really well organised and the organiser really helpful and entertaining. You go and sit at a table and chat with the girl for 4 minutes then the host says move along.

The day before the event or possibly even the day of the event he contacts me again asking if I can book his friend in (the one that came with him to One Kew Road).

I said that unfortunately he would need to book a ticket for this event as he took part in the Speed Dating event and wasn't owed anything.

We do run regular events at the Kensington Roof Gardens and Madison which are both outdoor venues with gardens and terraces. Dateina Dash is a fun way to meet people and a refreshing alternative to the usual dating apps.

There were quite a few good-looking girls at both the events I attended and everyone I met was friendly and talkative, which makes for a fun night regardless of the outcome!

After the speed dating you can stay and have a drink and chat to the others.

I didn't stay that long after as I live in East London and didn't want to miss the last train.

Every one gets a sheet where you write down the other persons name and then tick yes, no or friend.

At the end of the session you hand this in and then the next day you matches are published on the website.

You move around the room until you have talked to every one.

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