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I grew up traveling and love it, though lately my travels have been limited to aimless drives around The Valley.

When I'm able I like to walk, swim or play Dance Dance Revolution. There's nothing I can be more passionate about (sorry guys).

My passion is music, I collect it, constantly listen to it, and attempt to make it.

I like to go out occasionally but would rather stay home and enjoy ones company. I'm passionate about words, equality, and education.

Right now, I'm teaching at a nearby boarding school.

I watch a lot of mindless television for background noise.

I listen to NPR a bunch - I particularly like This American Life, I'm also obsessed with Serial.

Hailing from Colorado, i am here exploring relocation.

My soul is taking me by the hand, pulling me through all kinds of invisible worlds and times and places to be here - stepping into the life i am here to live. I perform in plays, skated on a roller derby league and do burlesque in town.

I love exploring and experimentation, I am always open to new ideas and experiences! I like to try almost anything at least once and also I'm very close to my family and friends.

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