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"I want a girl from a good family," said Doron, another participant."Someone who will stick with me when times get tough, someone I can be happy with." The May 31 outing was the first of many planned monthly speed-dating events geared specifically for people who have autism and other disabilities that can make social interaction difficult.In short, it was a typical speed-dating event - except that most of those present had Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism.

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Speed dating osaka

If people particularly enjoyed the meal, you might all head out for karaoke after, but that's about it.

If you're looking for an experience that's a little more elaborate, you can look into machi-kon (街コン), where machi means "city" or "town." These may even be organized by regional committees to get people engaged in the local community.

"For years, people diagnosed with conditions on the autistic spectrum were thought to have no interest in finding love," said Ofer Golan, an Asperger's syndrome specialist and a senior lecturer in the psychology department at Bar-Ilan University.

"Today we know that they actually very much desire romantic relationships, but their abilities in this aspect of life are limited.

For instance, the Tel Aviv event had only seven rounds of seven minutes each instead of the usual 10 rounds, and there were counselors on hand to help the participants, most of them aged 25-30, navigate the rough waters of social relationships.

There were also tip sheets that advised the approximately 15 juice-sipping and cookie-nibbling daters in attendance that "this is not the time to talk about your problems" and that they should show an interest in the people they meet, but not subject them to the third degree.And the MCs prepared participants for disappointment, saying the evening was a valuable exercise in social interaction even if it doesn't lead to long-lasting love.But what is perhaps more important than the differences between this event and other forms of speed dating is the fact that they are all driven by the same underlying realization: Many single people want to find partners, whether or not they are on the autistic spectrum.Sometimes people will initiate simple trivia or drinking-style games, but it's not a prerequisite.You’ll share contact details at the end, and if you liked someone, you’ll typically contact them the next day and pick things up from there.However, looking beneath the surface, it's actually much, much simpler.

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