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It must have seemed like a good idea at the time - streaking across a Premiership football ground firing red roses from a bow like an overgrown Cupid.

But the romantic gesture to his girlfriend on St Valentine's Day has well and truly backfired on James Miller.

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Venice is one of the world’s most romantic cities and if you can’t make the trip across the pond, the Venetian hotel has created canals and gondolas modeled after the real thing.

The gondolas, complete with singing gondolier, will take you on a romantic cruise through the resort’s indoor and outdoor canals, and there is also a wedding gondola available, elaborately decorated in white and gold, that serves as the site for numerous wedding ceremonies.

For the ultimate romantic setting, there’s no need to travel across the globe to capture the feeling of Paris.

Visitors who venture to the top of the tower, which is a half-size replica of the real thing, will enjoy views nearly 50 stories above the ground. Rockhouse Bar & Nightclub encourages lovers and singles to celebrate the first annual “Get Your Heart On” Valentine’s Day bash, Tuesday, Feb. Instead of being romantic and sentimental, why not have all partygoers celebrate it the Rockhouse way?

'If he honestly thought I would be impressed with what he did then he must be more stupid than he looks.' The incident happened after Miller, of Accrington, Lancashire, set up a dare on the social networking website Facebook.

He said that if 1,000 people joined his group on the website he would run on to the pitch at Blackburn Rovers wearing a mankini - the burlesque style of bathing outfit worn by Sasha Baron Cohen in the film Borat.Everything from hotel rooms, flights, wedding chapels, shows, will all be in high demand. Known as the Marriage Capital of the World, Las Vegas has long been a destination for those looking to tie the knot quickly and with ease.Iconic spots such as the drive-through altar at the Little White Wedding Chapel and the Graceland Wedding Chapel are must-sees on the Vegas map, whether or not vows are in your plans.Outside court, the crestfallen 20-year-old said: 'I'm sorry for what I did but I never realised it would cause so much trouble.I just wanted to impress my Jade and it backfired really badly.' He said he 'genuinely thought' he could rescue their crumbling relationship by acting as Cupid.'He was wearing white boxer shorts and training shoes. Clearly disorder has been caused - the defendant in a pre-planned episode had gone on to the pitch and disrupted the game.

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