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Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.

During the table maintenance, new changes made to records in the affected tables may not be preserved.

Because of the sensitivity to timing, we cannot reliably predict when the issue may occur.

This is caused by a defect in the upgrade script that fails to apply customizations that existed before the upgrade.

Service Now has identified an issue affecting customers with an Oracle database who upgrade to Geneva Patch 3 or later.

Since the change to the CMDB record is lost when the upgrade completes, we consider this defect to have a high impact.

Service Now engineers have identified a potential data loss that involves the hr_case and hr_task tables during the upgrade to Fuji or later from a prior family release version.

For more details on security problems fixed in Helsinki, refer to KB0564627.

Service Now engineers have identified a defect that affects customers upgrading from earlier family releases to a Geneva release.

The individual presence requests are generally fast, but they are susceptible to slowness when an instance is under heavy load.

A high volume of slow Presence requests will clog the default semaphore queue.

When the domain plugin is enabled and the domain_paths query method is used, the database views are not honoring domain separation.

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