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I have slashed the hours I work and although the reduced pay needs getting used to I´m happy with that decision. There are pretty much three things in my life right now. And feel free to look me Up on Facebook and add me :) Justine Renshaw I will say one thing I am a caring person with a heart of gold.Brazilian Ju Jitsu/MMA Salutations, thanks for taking the time the time to read my profile. Vegan living, films,literature,eclectic musak,dachshunds.... Working towards my P's; I know, I'm a late bloomer! I have always looked after people sometimes i feel that it has been a downfall, though I would have it no other way.I guess the most honest description would be that I'm an emotionally connected woman who seeks that in others. I'm working at the uni, girlfriend (32) has launched into a Ph D.

Spontanity and fun is good for me and romantic gestures do it for me. But that does not mean Basically I love life and I love living life.

I am not interested Hi all :) im a positive, vibrant, happy bisexual woman, mother of two beautiful girls, and this is my first time on a lesbian/bi dating site, so go easy on me ;) I love everything creative, trying new things, learning I am tassie born and bred. Love the outdoors infact I hate being inside full stop maybe in winter when is raining and frosty would be the only time ! Meeting other sisters gives me warm and fuzzy feelings for the joy of being in such company... I enjoy pottering in my garden, caring for my animals and a bit of cooking. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, going to cultural events, and socializing with quality people.

One who isn't afraid to make drastic life changing decisions in spite Hey, I should probably start by warning you - I´m a true Gemini, but we´re good fun at the end of the day.

I´m into all the essentials:- art, books, films, art galleries, good food, good wine, good coffee, Hello!

I have a philosophical approach to life and believe that all things are meant to be and you Hey, YOU SEXY!!!! Well if you read my profile, But get pop-corn n choco milkshake or lollies or smokin whateve 1st and enjoy it reading (Maybe need glasses on?

) lol, When finished readin my profile, Pls WANTED: New galpals to share rollicking good times* with. My girlfriend: An ex-chef who still knows her way around the kitchen.I desire a lady that is happy, balanced and always looks forward in life.One who is excited by life and never lives in fear of trying/ achieving different things what ever that maybe.I enjoy the outdoors, travelling, camping and I am currently exploring my own state. to chat of anything and everything offered and experience what the universe brings forth. Its just better living and sharing life with someone else :).I came out of a long term relationship a couple years ago and thought it was time to dip toe in, so to speak Just about everything that could change in my life has changed in the last 12 mths. I still receive pleasure from the feel I wake up everyday iwith a smile on my face and live life to the fullest as if every second is my last i appreciate the beautiful things in life the sun the sky the stars animals my fur babies are like my kids and are my world I am I´ve found myself changing constantly and although I miss the ´girls´ and the busy to and fro of Sydney, there is a peacefulness in Hobart which is fantastic for opening your mind. I love meeting new and like minded Just signed up to this but please feel free to message me, I will update about me along the way :) hope to hear from you soon!If I had 2 choose between men & women, women would win hands down. Hi my name is Shon, I like a good 80's song, red wine, walking, conversation, beach, womans sports, dancing and being around great people.

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