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The older version 11.6 is documented in "Version Control and Team Coding in Toad for Oracle 11.6", and is useful as a startup guide if you are not familiar with the concept, but differs from the current Team Coding in several points regarding Team Coding and Code Collections (called Code Control Groups prior to Toad 11).

Moving further to my scenario, one of the steps you need to perform when setting up Team Coding is creating a new TFS workspace and defining mappings from TFS source folders to local folders.

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Having multiple mapped branches in the same workspace will make TFS Source Control Explorer extremely slow if you have over 100,000 files in your workspace (we hit this cap after a single branch).

You can manage and rename your workspaces in Visual Studio here: If you’re working by yourself on a feature.

You can easily download the file by going to "Get Specific Version..." and selecting the "Force get" option - which will download all files, regardless of if the server things you have them or not.

The question I was asked was how to tell the server you have removed the file from your system, without deleting it from the server.

you can simply work off main and create a shelveset each day to save your work until you’re ready to commit to the main line.

This avoids the time-consuming overhead of branching.

Team Foundation Server (TFS) continues to improve, but one area I’ve struggled recently is performance.

I work in a very large codebase that knocks up against the 100,000 file limit with a single branch (yes, that’s a smell of bigger issues).

If you do a get for changeset 1 on any actual files then they will not exist at that point in time on the system so will be deleted locally and the server will know this. Not only because it highlights how to do something that is non-obvious, but also because once you understand how it works, you will understand a large part of what you need to know about Team Foundation Server Source Control.

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