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"I'm so excited, thank you so much." As an amateur she does not take home any prize winnings.

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A Thai teenager became the youngest known winner of a professional golf tournament on Sunday, overcoming huge pressure to secure a two-shot victory at the Ladies European Thailand Championship in Pattaya.

There were gasps from the crowd as Atthaya Thitikul -- aged just 14 years and four months -- calmly slotted home a must-win final putt on the 18th to see off Ana Menendez of Mexico.

Disillusioned, she is cut off from her fellow crew, unsure of the future, and sceptical about the promise of this uncharted new planet they have been drawn to. Having made a big splash in Paul Thomas Anderson’s comedy noir “Inherent Vice”, and acting alongside her current co-star Michael Fassbender in Steve Jobs, the daughter of actor Sam Waterston was most recently seen tackling creatures of a milder stripe in the hit “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”.

But winning the coveted lead role in “Alien: Covenant” is the true mark of the extraordinary rise of this highly intelligent young actress. It’s easy to draw a parallel between Daniels and the original Alien’s reluctant hero, Ripley.

If Atthaya felt pressure, she did not show it, firing another birdie on the back nine and calmly slotting home the final par putt.

"I'm so proud and so happy for my score and win this week," she told reporters in slightly broken English moments after her win.

Like with Dallas’ death and the shot of the little dot on the scanner — how can a little dot disappearing be so scary?! Daniels, my character, is the chief terraformist on the Covenant.

So her job doesn’t really begin until they arrive at the planet they’re en route to.

I watched the deleted scenes recently and saw that Ridley had, in fact, filmed Harry Dean Stanton getting attacked.

But in the film, all he shows us is Yaphet Kotto’s horrified reaction to the attack.

Oddly, I think the challenging events of the film return her to herself.

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