Tila tequila dating bobby

Next week, in episode two, they are told the truth and discover they are not only competing against each other but against a whole other gender.

We applaud MTV for being the first to star a bisexual woman on a dating show, and an Asian-American woman at that.

She wowed every single one of the boys and girls and she is undoubtedly beautiful, sexy, charming, poised, spontaneous and entertaining.

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Tila Tequila's reality dating show on MTV is a fun, fluffy, guilty pleasure type of show.

Tila is a hottie and a flirt, and so are many of the contestants.

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People tend to associate us solely with our sexuality and forget that, like everyone else, we have other aspects to our lives.

We fear that this show is more likely to add fuel to the fire of bisexual stereotypes, than to put them out.

I hope that journalists will present this show as what it is: an entertaining, MTV reality dating show that happens to have a bisexual star. But she is promoting herself, not the bisexual community.

Of course, if anyone gets the impression from watching the show that all bisexual people are hotter and more desirable than everyone else..part is accurate!

I have met hundreds of bisexual people and know they run the gamut of professions, colors, religions, ethnic backgrounds, relationship status, financial levels, countries of origin, levels of education, disabilities, numbers of children or child free, fashion sensibilities, interests, hobbies and political opinions.

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