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Mark van Dongen (right), was left paralysed from the neck down, unrecognisable and all but blinded after the alleged attack by Berlinah Wallace (inset).

Mr van Dongen suffered 15 months of pain before being granted euthanasia in his native Belgium.

Aurélie Wynn (left), a former actress and model, claims the 30-year-old forced himself upon her at a house he was renting in LA in July 2014.

She said she was invited by a friend who was dating his roommate, a Glee cast member.

She shot to stratospheric fame in the Nineties as one-fifth of the Spice Girls, who ruled the stage with their skimpy outfits and powerful 'girl power' mantra.

But Victoria Beckham, 43, has admitted she dressed a little more demurely as a teenager and didn't wear 'inappropriate' stage ensembles until she joined the band.

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His father Cornelius Van Dongen (left) today told Bristol Crown Court that took about four months for his son to communicate after the incident.

Using an alphabet sheet, Mark spelled out the name 'Berlinah' with his tongue, when asked who had attacked him.

'I was powerless under his weight,' she wrote in a lengthy Facebook post on Wednesday. Wynn said she found the courage to tell her story after another actress Kirstina Cohen (right) accused Westwick of rape on Monday. Charlie Sheen is being accused of sodomizing a then 13-year-old Corey Haim on the set of the movie 'Lucas.' According to the National Enquirer, a now deceased Haim had told others about how he was allegedly raped as a minor by Sheen, who was 19 at the time, while filming the 1986 movie, including former actor, Dominick Brascia, who went on the record about what he says Haim (top right, bottom right during 'Lucas') told him. Haim said after it happened Sheen became very cold and rejected him.

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